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The Tattoo Industry dates back thousands of years to Africa. Records show a diverse collection of ink from tattooed symbols of fertility on women in ancient Egypt to tattoos symbolizing tribal hierarchy. was established in 2011 in hopes to unite a broken industry of people that love the same thing…… TATTOOS!


The Tattoo Industry is an extremely lucrative industry worth an estimated 2.3 billion dollars annually.  The Tattoo Industry consists of a unique blend of people from all creeds, colors, & backgrounds!


“A study done by Pew Research Center study that said about 38 percent of young people ages 18 to 29 have at least one tattoo. ”

Our current reach is 3 MILLION - 4 MILLION people PER WEEK online between the “big three” platforms: Twitter, Facebook & Instagram. This does not include the reach of our events or brand ambassadors!


As an OFFICIAL PARTNER of The Tattoo Industry, you / your company (someone that doesn’t necessarily market directly to the tattoo industry) will be able to gain full access to a new market without needing any prior knowledge of the industry that you’re stepping into.

We can handle all of your marketing needs from one social media post to a custom integrated package which could include one or more daily social media posts, product placement in website fulfillment orders, magazine ads, event banners, and other placement in/on various outlets we have, including our network of celebrities!





The Tattoo Industry
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