Sammie Bush Jr: Sexual Assault Case

Posted by Zahra Perkins on Oct 27th 2017

My name is Zahra Perkins. I am a wife, mother, and business owner. I run a tattoo based company. Recently I was approached by our former freelance photography staff B & P Photography saying that we should work with (R&B singer) Mr. Sammie Leigh Bush Jr.

With hopes of supporting his comeback we agreed to interview him. The photoshoot was scheduled on September 4, 2017. We provided hair, makeup, wardrobe, styling, and male grooming for the shoot.

By definition: “Sexual assault takes many forms including attacks such as rape or attempted rape, as well as any unwanted sexual contact or threats. Usually a sexual assault occurs when someone touches any part of another person's body in a sexual way, even through clothes, without that person's consent. ”

At this photoshoot is where the sexual assault took place. Below you will find details.

On the date of September 4, 2017, Mr Bush showed up and immediately started drinking wine which was provided by the studio owners. Mr Bush had approx 2 glasses of wine during the hair, makeup, & grooming process.

The drinking did not stop there. Once the photoshoot began Mr. Bush consumed at least 1-2 more glasses of wine. One was caught on camera during the “Portrait” session which was shot on a white backdrop, image attached.

The other was caught on camera roughly 45 - 60 minutes later during the “candid” session which was shot on a brick wall, image attached.

The Tattoo Industry does not encourage the consumption of alcohol during work hours. Any personal behaviors are to be left outside of the work place. This has and always been industry policy.

During the photoshoot my husband went to take a picture with me in the background while Mr. Bush was shooting. Mr. Bush did not attempt at all to intrude upon this photo nor entrap my husband in his arms, image attached.

Once my husband took the aforementioned photo he walked away to attend to our 8 year old child.

During this time Mr. Bush took it upon himself to sneak up behind me, without warning, nor receiving my verbal consent, and enclose me in his arms, image being saved for trial.

This was extremely unprofessional as his genitals were then pressed against my buttox for the duration of the photo, approx 30 - 60 seconds.

After Mr. Sammie Leigh Bush Jr. sexually assaulted me, he started eyeing our makeup artist Jessica Payne while she was innocently dancing with another woman.

All of this as he began to drink what we counted as a 5th and final glass of wine.

He said “I’m watching you” which was caught on video, video attached. After Ms. Payne saw that he was eyeing her, he said “Oh you getting shy now” when she stopped dancing.

I as a married woman have never in the entire time that we have been interviewing celebrities been put in a more sexually uncomfortable situation than that day.

While feeling violated, anxious , & paranoid, I snapped the photo of myself while unwillingly enclosed in his arms for visual evidence.

When I arrived home that night I freaked out while still feeling the sensation of him rubbing against me. I immediately showered due to the disgusting feeling of having been touched without consent.

After being verbally harassed by Bryan Brown the Co-owner of B & P Studios he mentioned to my manager Patrick Cook via text, the studio has cameras that can be used as evidence that I was enclosed in Mr. Bush’s arms, image attached.

With the undeniable visual evidence against Mr. Sammie Leigh Bush Jr mentioned above, I have decided to go to the local police with my story and these images.

I feel as a woman with a past that includes being molested, raped multiple times, along with a separate abusive relationship that more women should speak up against those that violate them!

If I did not have the voice of The Tattoo Industry I would never be heard. 

If you have also been in any sexually abusive sutuations with Mr. Sammie Leigh Bush Jr. or anyone else inside or outside of The Tattoo Industry please visit the link below so that we can share your story.

Zahra A Perkins #metoo