Marijuana Partnership Details

Thank you for your interest in working with The Tattoo Industry!

As a media company we constantly shoot photos and videos of a diverse network of international models & celebrities with tattoos that range from actors to athletes etc.

Currently we are looking for an “Official Marijuana Partner” for The Tattoo Industry to include in our upcoming projects.

These projects include but are not limited to photoshoots, video shoots, interviews, magazines, events, etc!

Below is our media kit for you to view along with our most recent issue below.

Issue 12:

Media Kit:  

As an Official Partner of The Tattoo Industry you will receive a custom sponsor package starting with:

1) One FULL magazine advertisement monthly. (We will shoot the content & design this page!)

2) Rights to 6+ edited images from number one. (From the photoshoot for your magazine page)

3) A 45 - 60 second commercial from number one. (From the photoshoot for your magazine page)

4) Logo placement w/ link on

5) 1 Social media post weekly (Instagram).

Also based on your current marketing needs we can customize this package with product placements in any available photoshoots, gift bag placements, etc!

In exchange we’re looking for a monthly product supply of minimum:

Product 1: 2 pounds medical cannabis per month for smoking during photoshoots & interviews.

Product 2:  Access to your venue for photoshoots and enough medical cannabis to complete the following photoshoots when necessary (10 - 20 pounds). This cannabis will be returned after the photoshoot.

If your business has a monetary budget of $1,500 per month or more to contribute towards these projects we can discuss exclusivity (not working with any other brands like yours) along with your other marketing goals.

Please contact or whoever directed you to this information to schedule a conference call. On this call we can discuss your upcoming marketing goals.

We look forward to talking soon!

Photo Samples: