Internship Program

Thank you for your interest in applying for The Tattoo Industry 6 month internship program.  

This is currently a part-time position. This position can that can be worked from home.

We are currently looking to hire someone preferably 18-24  who can be on a computer with internet to work 2 - 4 hours per day minimum.

During this time you will be sending and answering emails and managing social media.

If hired, you will be assigned a email to work from. You will be responsible for handling the following tasks:

  • Manage the assigned email address(s).
  • Manage the assigned social media profile.
  • Learn all aspects of the InkJunkeyz brand.
  • Manage all of the daily InkJunkeyz operations.
  • Manage the current staff and the hiring of new staff.
  • Help improve spending and or cut cost where possible.
  • Handle all internal and external company communications.
  • Use your best efforts to help advance the InkJunkeyz brand.
  • Use your best efforts to create new revenue streams for InkJunkeyz.
  • Any additional work deemed necessary to complete your contract that may not be listed.

Pay for this position is based on the assigned task. You will be paid 10 - 50% of each assigned task.

If this is something that you feel confident that you can handle please reply to the email you received from to schedule a phone interview.

If you have not applied yet please click below and submit your resume.