The School of Ink & Arts

We are excited about your interest in attending The School of Ink and Arts!

The School of Ink & Arts is a pioneering institution poised to revolutionize the world of tattoo artistry education. We offer a comprehensive platform for aspiring tattoo artists to embark on their creative journey, whether they are beginners with no prior experience or experienced tattooists looking to refine their skills.

We are currently working on an extensive program with some of the biggest artists in the world!

We are excited to be in the prelaunch phase of our program!

During the startup phase space is LIMITED. 

The program will have a complete course on how to learn how to be a tattoo artist from start to finish. It will have hours of content to start with. 

  1. Introduction to tattooing
  2. Getting Started
  3. Time for paperwork!
  4. Sanitation & Sterilization.
  5. Equipment knowledge & maintenance.
  6. Types of tattooing.
  7. Day to day tattoo shop operations.
  8. Basic tattoo design techniques.
  9. Basics of lining & machine usage.
  10. Basics of shading & machine usage.
  11. Basics of colors & machine usage.
  12. Easy tattoos for beginners.
  13. Tattoo Aftercare.
  14. Launching your career.

Once you have completed your basic training you can learn from some of your favorite tattoo artists in the world! 

On top of that you will get access to the company Discord channel for life. We will be having daily Q&A sessions & weekly live tattoo sessions! 

We will also offer a range of classes for tattoo artists from 1-1 online classes to full day classes at tattoo shops. 

Please email if you have any questions. 

See You Soon!