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The School of Ink & Arts

Welcome to The School of Ink & Arts!

We are excited about your interest in attending The School of Ink and Arts presented by The Tattoo Industry!

Our goal at The School of Ink & Arts is to expand diversity inside the of the industry while making sure that everyone leaves a little better at their craft than they arrived.

We offer a range of classes for tattoo artists from 1-1 online classes to full day classes at tattoo shops. 

Everyone (depending on your licensing) is invited to apply regardless of how long you have been tattooing whether this is your first class to if you have your own shop! We are just here to expand The Tattoo Industry for everyone!

Come and learn some new tricks, network, and leave with a few goodies from our sponsors!

Space is LIMITED per class so please get your submissions in early! 

When you can apply you can tell us more about yourself and your tattooing background along with asking any questions you may have about the class.

See You Soon!